.List of Parodies from the Berenstain Bears

Bear Country World                                                         Real Life

Little Treehouse on the Prarie                                                              Little House on the Prarie


The Bear Stooges                                                                                The Three Stooges

Honey I Shrunk the Cubs                                                                     Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Bear Country                                                                                        The United States of America

Treehouse                                                                                            House

Bear Country News                                                                              Average Newspaper

Bearbie                                                                                                Barbie

PTA                                                                                                  No Difference

Bear Ruth                                                                                             Babe Ruth

SuperBear                                                                                            SuperMan

Woodsbear, firebear etc.                                                                      Woodsman, fireman etc.

GrizzlyLand                                                                                          DisneyLand

Mt.Grizzmore                                                                                       Mt. Rushmore 

GrizzlyWorld     DisneyWorld

Bear Wrestling WWE Brittany Bear Britney Spears

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