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Big Bear, Small Bear
Big Bear, Small Bear


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Gotta Dance


7 October 2003 (Tuesday)

Written by

Bruce Robb


When he's given his very own key to the tree house, Brother feels so 'all grown up' that he turns his back on frivolous 'cub games' in favour of doing 'important grown up jobs' with Papa. But when Papa can't find a way to help Ms. Grizzle gain access to her accidentally locked house, it's Brother who shinnies up a nearby tree to an open window like only a cub can. Realizing that cubs can do important jobs too, like taking care of their pets, helping their family and siblings, Brother decides not to be in such a rush to be 'all grown up' and rejoins the cub fun with his friends.

Differences From the Book

  • Mama, Sister, Lizzy and Fred were seen in the cartoon, alought in the book, they were not seen.


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