• GinnyStar

    Moving Day

    December 25, 2015 by GinnyStar

    The Bear family decides to move from their hillside cave to a tree house in the valley. from the site. I'm suprised that I recall a lot about this book.

    This is in the hill in a cave, with tarrance rows of vegetables grown along the zig and zag path, the soil was very hard to grow food, and not many trees for lumber. (Berenstain Bears First Time Books) By Stan Berenstain This is were Small Bear, Mama Bear Papa Bear, lived before moving to the Treehouse, Its shown on the cover of the book.

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  • Kidsnewsnairobi7yearold

    Sister and Brother Bear woke up and yawned as they walked down the stairs.  Today wasn't a school day, and they were planning to stay home since it was Fall.

    Brother:  If you need us Mama, we'll be in our beds. 

    Sister:  Yeah.  Today's Fall, and Fall is no fun, especially not with Honey around.  All she does is cry all day, and then she needs her diaper changed just the next second.  Yesterday, I even wanted to stay extra at school just so I wouldn't hear her crying.

    Mama seemed displeased with Sister and Brother.

    Mama:  Honey is your little sister, and you will be nice to her.  Besides, she is taking a nap, so she cannot bother you.  And you mustn't go to bed so late.  It is Honey's 12 month birthday.

    Brother and Sister's mouths dropped.  How …

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  • Arinae

    The a compilation of five books from Living Lights series, The Berenstain Bears Show God’s Love, is scheduled for release on August 10, 2010. The compilation includes: The Berenstain Bears and the Gift of Courage, The Berenstain Bears: Faithful Friends, The Berenstain Bears and a Job Well Done, The Berenstain Bears Play a Good Game, and The Berenstain Bears Love Their Neighbor.

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  • Arinae

    The latest book in the Lift-the-Flap series, The Berenstain Bears and the Haunted House, is scheduled for release on July 27, 2010. Here's the blurb from the Berenstain Bears Tree House website: "Gracie the kitten has gone missing. Did she go inside the haunted house on top of Spook Hill? Brother and Sister gather up their courage to find out. They had best beware!"

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