Min (Mother)
Willie (Father)
Brother Bear (Cousin)
Sister Bear (Cousin)
Papa Bear (Uncle)
Mama Bear (Aunt)

Voice Actor(s)

Josh Rodine (1985)
Marc McMulkin (2003)

Fred Bear, referred to as Cousin Freddy or Freddie, is Sister and Brother's cousin, and the nephew of Mama and Papa. He is in Brother's fifth grade class, according to the 2003 TV series.


Brother and Sister's cousin and friend, frequently known as Cousin Freddy. His mother, Min, is Mama Bear's sister. He appeared in both the 1985 cartoon, and the 2003 cartoon, as well as some of the books.​ He is known to read the dictionary for fun in his spare time. He also very smart for his age. But nowhere near as smart as Ferdy Factual or Trudy Brunowitz.

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