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The cubs have had a fantastic summer at day camp. When camp leader, Grizzly Ted, announces an end of summer sleep out at Skull Rock, everyone is excited...everyone except Sister. She’s anxious about sleeping outside. With the help of her friend Lizzy, Sister has a trial camp out in her own backyard and is able to overcome her anxiety of sleeping under the stars. During the sleepover the camp leader emerges in an Indian suit and tells the cubs Indian lore. Afterwards, they have cocoa and sleep under the stars.


  • The cubs and Grizzly Ted were all singing "Down By the Bay" along the way to camp. This scene was similar to the Franklin episode: "Franklin Goes to Camp" where Franklin and his friends were singing that same song along the way to their camp

Differences From the Book

  • In the cartoon, the episode begins with Brother and Sister sitting on the porch doing nothing. In the book, all of the cubs were getting out of Bear Country School saying goodbye to their teachers and hop on the bus.
  • In the cartoon, the episode ended at Skull Rock at night. In the book, the final day of camp came during the morning following the sleepout, where the cubs participated in a sports festival.
  • Lizzy was seen as one of the campers, but not in the book. The book was published before "The Trouble With Friends", thus Lizzy Bruin had not been introduced.
  • In the cartoon, the cubs and Grizzly Ted were singing "Down By the Bay" along the way to camp. In the book, the scene never shows that part.
  • All the cubs were wearing their camp uniform that have short sleeved T-shirts in the book. The cartoon shows the camp uniforms to have long-sleeved T-shirts.
  • In the book, the camp director was named Grizzly Bob instead of Ted. Also, it was shown he built and managed the camp on his own land.

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