Go To School
Go To School


The Talent Show


At The Giant Mall


January 29, 2003

Written by

Bridget Newson

Go to School is an episode of season 1 in The Berenstain Bears, which first aired on January 29, 2003. In this episode, Brother and Sister prepare to go back to school as their summer vacation is coming to an end. Too-Tall makes school look hard for Sister, and she is afraid of her first day.


Too-Tall and the gang amuse themselves at Sister’s expense by warning her how hard third grade will be and how strict Teacher Jane is. Brother tries unsuccessfully to convince Sis not to worry. Mama reminisces about Sister starting kindergarten and reflects on how her daughter’s feelings back then were exactly the same. Sure enough, when Sister starts third grade, she enjoys the new experience just like she did when she started kindergarten.

Differences From the Book

  • In the book, Sister was going to kindergarten with Miss Honeybear. In the cartoon, she was going to third grade with Teacher Jane.
  • Too-Tall and his gang, and Lizzy were seen, a lot in the book, they were not seen. The book was published before "Double Dare" and "The Trouble With Friends".
  • In the book, the story began when the Bear Family was celebrating the end of summer. In the cartoon, the story began at a store where Mama, Sister, and Brother were buying school supplies.
  • Sister and Lizzy met in kindergarten in this episode which can't be possible, because in "The Trouble With Friends", they met when Lizzy moved to Bear Country.