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This is a list of the Berenstain Bears 2003 episodes.

Season 1 Episodes

Mama and Papa knows best to brother's birthday, brother and sister wanted candy, ice cream, cake and donuts like junk food, Brother and sister thought that pets come alive that pets are important.

Mama has a job for brother and sister to help their jobs. The cubs learn of their hands a job of mama and papa's troubles.

Mama and Papa can pretend to be brother and sister and brother and sister can pretend to be mama and papa. Brother does not want to be trouble at school that finish and do the homework.

The cubs need to pay attention to the tv. the bears were moving to a new house of know best to move.

The cubs saw the old sitter coming closer to the house. the cubs new that the note was good being sometimes.

The cubs wanted their big road race that they learn a lesson. Brother thinks too-tall is the bully when he's a bad boy.

The cubs can teach their big road race. when sister learns her jump rope contest and she was always a winner.

Sister thoughted the best slumber party to go at lizzy's house. The cubs wanted to go the mall and buy some things.

Brother and Sister wanted to go school but they were scared. Brother knows the talent show at last but brother knows best to the talent show.

The Berenstain bears had to go on a vacation on Saturday. Papa makes a hot, warm & cold pizza for lunch & dinner to have the best pizza

Brother wanted a tooth out at the dentist to have a job, The cubs should never play mirrors at the same time because the play mirrors.

The cubs wanted Gimmies to be good that papa and mama will be sorry for the cubs. Mama, Papa, Brother and Sister wanted to go the movies but it was closed.

Season 2 Episodes

The cubs like the Hansom giddy grandma at the grandma house. The cubs had to find mama's treasure chest in the attic.

Brother and Sister had a bad dream about sleezoes. Papa, Sister & Brother had a bad pressure dream

Brother & Sister tells Mama and Papa about the haunted lighthouse and the green ghost. Sister wanted to be the green eyed monster that plays brother's beautiful bicycle.

Brother and sister were going trick or treat of Halloween. Brother and Sister brought the baby chimpmunk that his name is Brown-eyes.

Papa has the big hiccup that he's a little bit sick. Brother, Sister, Mama & Papa went to the beach on the quick summer.

Brother and Sister went camping on this summer today. The cubs had a white water adventure at camping on summer.

Brother and Sister wanted to play baseball in this baseball team at school. The cubs never had a hug in this family tree.

Sister tells mama about the in-crowd on Wednesday. Mama thinks brother to dance like a dance party to play dance.

Brother is a small bear and mama is a big bear. Brother, Mama, Sister & Papa need to go to the circus at fun park.

Brother had a bad habit because mama, papa & sister got grumpy. Brother wins a prize pumpkin at the biggest circus.

Brother and Sister draws pictures and stories at school. Brother and Sister and other class are scared of the cave that they are lost.

The cubs had their money took pay other money are in and out. Sister's Birthday has the wishing star to wish a teddy bear.

Brother and Papa are sick of chicken pox a horrible day. It was raining outside and brother and sister count Thier blessings on a long day.

Brother and Sister went fishing instead to go fishing. At the dinosaur museum The cubs wouldn't pollute things on the job.

Brother and Sister uses Thier homework because Thier homeworks are not hassles. Brother and Sister can fly like a blue bird.

Brother and Sister learns the good milk mestery from the cows. Brother and Mama goes up right and Sister and Papa goes down left.

Season 3 Episodes

The cubs learned the silly neighbors to find. Brother is being Ferdy Factul to pay attention.

The cubs had Thier showdown at Birder's wood getting a job. The cubs teach the biggest pet show to play like a magic show.

The cubs are being family are getting together to a family, Brother and sister had to learn the big blooper.

Bears had all seasons called spring, summer, fall & winter. Sister gets the female fullback to the cubs.

Brother and Sister gets the biggest red kite in the backyard. Brother and sister had to catch and chase the school bus.

Brother must stump in the house and the backyard to stump. Brother and sister thoughted that the flowers can grow.

Brother, Mama, Sister & Papa goes to a field trip. Brother gets the sports and do the mighty Milton sport. Beother and sister needs Thier job or a job.

Brother, Sister, Mama & Papa went to the beach on summer. Brother and Sister gets apprehensive but they want to get a job.

Brother and Sister needs attention to Thier things. The cubs need the election to mama and papa.

The cubs had to help around the workshop. The cubs need to pick up the mess. Brother and sister is not too small for the team.

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