This is listed based on Treehouse Direct.

Season 1 Episodes

No. Title Plot
1 Trouble at School Brother gets sick one day and starts to forget school.
Visit The Dentist Brother and Sister get loose teeth and think of ways of getting rid of them without Mama and Papa knowing.
2 Mama's New Job Mama decides to open her own quilt shop.
Mighty Milton A new cub named Milton is teased by Too-Tall and his friends.
3 Go to School Sister wanted to go school but she was scared.
Week at Grandma's The cubs spend a week at their Grizzly Grandparents place while their parents go on a honeymoon.
4 The Trouble With The Pets Brother and Sister adopt one of Farmer Ben’s new puppies and soon discover that having a pet is a big responsibility.
The Sitter Mrs. Grizzle babysits the cubs after they ruined her flowerbed.
5 Too Much TV The cubs & Papa pay too much attention to the TV.
Trick or Treat Brother Bear & Sister Bear celebrate Halloween.
6 Trouble with Money The cubs want to earn money for themselves.
The Double Dare While in his gang, Too-Tall dares Brother to steal Farmer Ben's watermelons.
7 Out for the Team Brother and Sister try out for the Bear Country Cardinals.
Count Their Blessings The cubs learn the importance of counting their blessings
8 The Slumber Party Sister goes to a slumber party at Lizzy's house.
The Homework Hassle Brother complains that he’s given too much homework and gets punished until he finishes it.
9 The Talent Show Brother becomes a talent scout for the upcoming talent show.
The Haunted Lighthouse The bear family encounters an old lighthouse.
10 The Birthday Boy Mama and Papa were too busy to throw Brother's birthday party. So it was up to Sister to handle it.
The Green-Eyed Monster Sister gets jealous of Brother getting a new bike.
11 The Baby Chipmunk Sister adopts a baby chipmunk with disastrous results.
The Wishing Star Mama's 'Star light, star bright' chant causes Sister to wish for a certain birthday gift and a better grade on her next math quiz.
12 Get The Gimmies The cubs get a bad case of the gimmies.
Lost in a Cave Papa and the Bear Scouts get lost in a cave and Fred is afraid of the dark.
13 Too Much Junk Food Papa, Brother and Sister want nothing but junk food. But that affects their training for the Annual Bear Country Run.
Go to Camp The bear children go camping.

Season 2 Episodes

No. Title Plot
14 The Excuse Note Sister presents the teacher a note from home, excusing her from gym class.
On the Job The class did project on what they want to be when they grow up. Brother is the only one having difficulty.
15 Too Small For The Team Sister wants to join the soccer team. But she's too small to do so.
The Jump Rope Contest Sister joins a jump rope contest and she's always a winner.
16 The Bad Habit Brother notices that Sister is doing some bad habits.
The Prize Pumpkin Papa & Farmer Ben compete in a pumpkin growing contest.
17 Ferdy Factual A new kid joins the school, but he turns out to be a super snooty know-it-all.
Lend a Helping Hand Brother and Sister stop to help the frail and elderly Widder Jones dispose of a fallen tree limb.
18 The Big Blooper Sister starts to swear after seeing a movie meant for teens.
Nothing To Do The cubs couldn't find anything to do. So it's Mama Bear, to the rescue.
19 House of Mirrors Sister visits a house of mirrors in a carnival.
Too Much Pressure The bear family apparently have too many things to do.
20 Visit Fun Park Thanks to getting free tickets, the Bear family goes to the amusement park.
Perfect Fishing Spot Mama & Papa prepare for the Grizzly Grandparents anniversary dinner, but with almost no success.
21 The Summer Job Brother and Sister are given the opportunity to learn about farming when they spend their summer working with Farmer Ben.
The Big Red Kite The cubs & Papa build a big red kite.
22 Too Much Vacation The Berenstain Bears go on a vacation but with disastrous results.
The Trouble With Grown-Ups Mama and Papa pretend to be Brother and Sister and Brother and Sister pretend to be Mama and Papa.
23 Go to the Doctor Cousin Honey is afraid to go to the doctor.
Don't Pollute Anymore The cubs do a school project on the environment.
24 The In-Crowd Sister wants to fit in with the in-crowd.
Fly It Brother and Freddy team up to try and create an innovative flying device for their fifth grade science project.
25 By the Sea The cubs wanted to go swimming, but they left their swimsuits behind in the car.
Catch the Bus Brother has been constantly late. So he's been given a wristwatch to correct this dilemma.
26 Family Get-Together The Bears are hosting a family reunion, but the cubs aren't exactly happy with it.
The Stinky Milk Mystery Something happened to Farmer Ben's cows. But what?

Season 3 Episodes

No. Title Plot
27 New Neighbors The bear family meet some not-so interesting new next door neighbors.
The Big Election Papa is running for mayor of Bear Country.
28 At The Giant Mall The bear family go to a new mall which is very huge.
The Giddy Grandma Sister struggles with her school project, until she came across Grizzly Gran's old stuff in the attic.
29 Think Of Those In Need The cubs decided to donate some of their things to the Home for Retired Bears.
The Hiccup Cure Papa gets the hiccups while trying fulfill an order.
30 Go To The Movies The bear family struggle to get to the movie theater.
The Car Trip The bear family goes on a car trip.
31 Pet Show The bear family enters into a pet show.
Pick Up and Put Away Brother wanted to an amazing birdhouse for the next Bear Scouts merit badge, instead of cleaning the cubs' room.
32 Hug and Make Up While prepping for the backyard circus, Brother steals an act that supposed to be Sister's.
Big Road Race The cubs compete together in a go cart race.
33 In the Attic Treasure The bear family spot some old mementos in their attic.
Moving Day The bears' neighbors were moving to a new house and the cubs learn the importance of moving.
34 Gotta Dance Mama teaches Brother how to dance.
The Bad Dream Sister has nightmares about the Space Grizzlies TV show.
35 Say Please & Thank You
Help Around Workshop Mama puts Papa's workshop in a neat & orderly fashion. Unfortunately, it caused big problems for Papa.
36 White Water Adventure Too-Tall is way to stubborn to ask anyone for help.
Showdown At Birder's Wood Too Tall and the gang want to build their "ultimate" tree fort in a big old tree. But Brother & Sister are concerned of a rare bird who lives there.
37 That Stump Must Go Papa and the cubs are having trouble in Papa's garden.
Draw It Brother joins an art class to be a better drawer.
38 Papa's Pizza Papa makes a hot, warm & cold pizza for lunch & dinner.
The Female Fullback The boy cubs ask Betsy Broom to help them win a football game.
39 That Stump Must Go Papa and the cubs are having trouble in Papa's garden.
Grow It Sister has been having difficulty growing things, even herself.
40 Go Up and Down Papa tried to go fishing but without thinking ahead.
Big Bear, Small Bear Brother is apparently wanting to grow up so fast.

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