Elizabeth ("Lizzy") Bruin

エリザベス・["リジー"]・ブルン. [Erizabesu "Rijī" Burun]

엘리자베스 "리지" 브루 인. {Ellijabeseu "liji" Beulu in}

Elizabeth ("Lizzy") Bruin


[Erizabesu "Rijī" Burun]

엘리자베스 "리지"브루 인

{Ellijabeseu "liji" Beulu in}
Basic Information
Gender Female
Family Biff Bruin (Father)
Beverly Bruin (Mother)
Barry Bruin (Brother)
First appearance The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Friends
Voice(s) Emily Moultrie (1985)
Mona Marshall (1993)
Amanda Soha (2003)
Elizabeth ("Lizzy") Bruin (🇯🇵Japanese: エリザベス["リジー"]ブルン. {Erizabesu "Rijī" Burun} 🇰🇷Korean: 엘리자베스 "리지" 브루 인 {Ellijabeseu "Liji" Beulu in}) is the cute and tomboyish best friend of Sister Bear. She is very friendly, helpful, fun and kind. But for Billy Grizzwold at Teacher Jane's class, she's been very annoyingly.

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Lizzy has a green shirt, blue overalls, blue headband and collar.


  • "Oh, dear!"
  • "Don't hold your breath, things will have to get pretty stirred up around here first."