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Mama Bear


Basic Information
Gender Female
Family *Papa Bear (husband)
First appearance The Big Honey Hunt
Voice(s) Ruth Buzzi (1985)

Mama Bear (🇯🇵Japanese:ママ・ベアー ) is one of the main characters of the Berenstain Bears series. Stan Berenstain has stated she is 27 years old. She's voiced by Ruth Buzzi.


Beautiful, warm, wise and sometimes sarcastic. She is president of the Bear Country Garden Club and is a champion quiltmaker. Mama's favorite recipe is honey cured salmon. The only real problem she has in life is Brother and Sister's messy, messy room as seen from the official Berenstain Bears website

Character design

Mama's usual outfit consists of a blue dress with white polka dots, white collar and a matching hat. She also sometimes wears a jacket over the dress and replaces her blue hat with a yellow hat that has a flower on it when she goes out. In the animated series, the polka dots on her hat and dress are omitted, most likely to simplify the animation process.


"You'll do no such things!"

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