This article is about the 2003 adaption of The Berenstain Bears' Moving Day. For information about the book it's based on, see here.
Moving Day
Moving Day


January 16, 2003

Written by

Alice Prodanou

Directed by

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Brother and Sister are sad when they hear that their friends down the street are moving away. Sister vows that she's never going to move. In fact, she's always going to live right there in the tree house where the Bear Family has always lived. It's a big surprise to Sister when Mama and Papa tell her that they used to live somewhere else and they too moved away - to the tree house they live in now. In relating the story, Mama and Papa help Brother and Sister see the positive side of moving. In turn, Brother and Sister help their friends see the positives as well - new adventures, new friends, a place better suited to a growing family, etc. And of course they all promise to stay in touch and share everything through their letters.

Differences From the Book

  • Sister and Stuwart and Sally are seen in the cartoon, although in the book, they we’re not seen.
  • In the book, the story was focusing on Brother. In the cartoon, the story was focusing on Sister and Brother.

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The Berenstain Bears - Moving Day Full Episode

The Berenstain Bears - Moving Day Full Episode