Papa Bear
Papa Bear
Basic Information
Gender Male
Family Mama Bear (Wife), Brother Bear (son), Sister Bear (older daughter), Honey Bear (younger daughter) Gran (mother) Gramps (father)
First appearance The Big Honey Hunt
Voice(s) Brian Cummings (1985)
Papa Q. Bear (or simply Papa Bear [b. November 10, 1957]) is one of the main characters of the Berenstain Bears series. He is shown to be somewhat dim-witted. Stan Berenstain stated Papa is 29 years old. He's voiced by Brian Cummings.

Character Conception

He is often wrong but never in doubt. He is a workshop owner and rough carpenter - the roughest. He also digs going fishing and catching fish. He also digs honey as well. Without honey, he might starve. He loves his family with all his might and since he is a bear, that is a lot of might. - from the official Berenstain Bears website

Character design

Papa's usual outfit consists of a brown hat, a yellow checkered shirt, and blue overalls. In the animated series, the checkered pattern on his shirt is omitted, most likely to help simplify the animation process.



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