The Bad Dream
The Bad Dream


September 18, 2003

Written by

Bruce Robb


Too Much Pressure


Attic Treasure


Brother and Sister love the Space Grizzlies TV show, but recently, Sister finds that a new villain character is just a little too scary for her. In fact, it's becoming harder and harder to avoid him - he's on the TV, he's one of Brother's modelling clay sculptures, and ultimately, the Space Grizzly character ends up in one of her dreams. When Sister tells Mama about her bad dream, Mama reassures her that it is always best to talk to someone about things you find scary because it makes you feel better. Sister does feel better, and like Mama did for her, Sister helps Brother feel better by being there for him to talk to when he has his own bad dream.

Differences From the Book

  • Little Lady was seen, although in the book, she was not seen. The book was published before "The Trouble With Pets".
  • In the book, the story ended at night where the Bear Family was hanging out in Mama and Papa's room, and Sister telling Brother that dreams are real. In the cartoon, the episode ended the next morning where Brother and Sister were playing Wedding with Sleezo and Bride Bearbie.
  • In the cartoon, the Bear Family was at their Treehouse watching the Space Grizzlies show. In the book, they go to the Movie Theater.


  • Space Grizzlies may be a parody of Star Wars or Star Trek.