The Berenstain Bears' Report Card Trouble
Berenstain Bears Report Card Trouble cover
Author/s Stan and Jan Berenstain
Publisher Random House
Publication date May 28, 2002
Media type Paperback
Pages 32
ISBN 0375811273

The Berenstain Bears' Report Card Trouble is a book published in 2002.


It's Report Card day at Bear Country School, and Brother sees his report card on his desk. He nervously picks it up and looks at his grades, which reveals that he has done badly in his school academics, yet he has succeeded in P.E.. After Brother and Sister got home for the day, Papa reads Brother's report card and was extremely furious with his grades. He then proceeds to yell at Brother, in addition to grounding him until he pulled his grades up. Brother then heads to his room and later goes to work on his studies.

After school the next day, Sister becomes bored with Brother being grounded, and talks about it with Mama. The rest of the family then pitches in with helping Brother get better grades. The next day, Brother comes home with better grades and the family is proud of the hard work they put in.


  • Mama is seen wearing a purple vest on the cover. However, in the book, she isn't seen wearing it.

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