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Berenstain Bears Coun Their Blessings
The Berenstain Bears Coun Their Blessings is a bokk in The Berenstain Bears Book Series. It was published on October 24th 1995


One day when Sister Bear gets home from school she asks Mama Bear if she can go over to her best friend Lizzy Bruin's house to play to which Mama says yes but asks Sister to not leave a mess for Lizzy's mother and to be home in time for dinner. As Mama watches Sister head off to Lizzy she thinks about what what's gonna happen when Sister comes home which is she'll complain about the things her friends have such as Anna having a telephone in her bedroom or Queenie having both a phone and a tv in her bedroom but Lizzy's was the worst because Lizzy had quite a collection of Bearbie Dolls such as High Fashion Bearbie, Supersport Bearbie, Tropical Bearbie, Motorcycle Bearbie, and Just Married Bearbie and eventhiugh Sister has a Bearbie doll of her own she still complains about Lizzy's collection. Things also aren't better with Brother Bear although it's not Bearbie Dolls with him it's video games for his GAMEBEAR Player and when Brother would come home from Cousin Fred's house he would complain about Cousin Freddy's videogame collection.such as Space Avenger, Rocket Rangers, and Killer Koyote. Soon Papa Bear comes in from his garage and tells Mama that Brother is playing over at Cousin Fred's and then he hears a rumble outside and believes that a storm is coming to which Mama steps outside and notices dark clouds and is about to call to have Brother and Sister sent home when they come in just before the rain and start to complain again. Sister complains that Lizzy just got Horseback Bearbie which comes wit it's own riding horse and Brother complains that Cousin Fred just got 3 new video games to which Mama finally puts her foot down and tells the cubs that they shouldn't complain about what they don't have and be thankful for the things they do have which is Counting Their Blessings such as #1 Having a Strong Cozy House to protect them againt the weather and #2 Having Eachother. Soon the lights go out and Papa puts a fire in the fireplace and Mama makes Hot Coco with marshmellows in it and tells the Cubs that their Blessing #3 is having plenty to eat and drank. Soon Brother and Sister notice that the lightning outside seemed very close but Papa tells them that if they count the flash from the lightning up to 4 before the thunder rumbles it's a mile away to which they do and it winds up being one mile away. Soon the storm easies th rain stops, and the power comes back to which Sister continues counting and Mama asks why she's counting since the storm is over to which Sister says that she is Counting Her Blessings. While Mama makes dinner and Papa sets the table Sister decides to go upstairs to play with her Bearbie Doll and Brother decides to play one of his videogames on his GAMEBEAR Player to which Papa secretly asks Mama if she has any ideas for the cubs' birthdays and Christmas which are coming to which Mama says that she thinks a Just Married Bearbie for Sister and a couple of videogames for Brother sounds nice and asks Papa what he thinks to which he says that he thinks that he and Mama should count their blessings.


Brother Bear

Sister Bear

Mama Bear

Papa Bear

Lizzy Bruin

Cousin Fred

Queenie McBear

Anna McBear

Millie McBear

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