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Berenstain Bears In The Dark book cover

The Berenstain Bears In the Dark book was written by Stan & Jan Berenstain. It was first published in 1982. Name of Brother Bear's mystery book: The Case Of The Crying Cave


The book begins with Brother and Sister Bear in the library trying to pick out books to take home. Sister has already chosen her book, but Brother is still looking for a good mystery book to read. He finally finds a good on titled The Case of the Crying Cave. Back at the treehouse, the Bear family is sitting in the living room reading. Brother is enjoying his book very much. Sister is curious what it's about, so Brother reads it to her. When Brother reads to her about the part where there's a ghostly wailing noise, Sister doesn't want to hear anymore and is scared. Brother teases her and calls her a "scaredy bear" until Papa Bear tells him to stop.

That night, Mama and Papa are getting the cubs ready for bed time. When they turn off the light, Sister becomes a little scared. Everywhere around in her room, she sees strange shadows and shapes, making her think they're cave monsters from Brother's book. Then, Brother decides to taunt Sister by making a ghostly wailing sound. This frightens Sister so much, that she screams for Mama and Papa. They come quickly into the room, but they trip as they enter, causing Sister to fall out of bed and land on them! After that, all three of them are pretty annoyed with Brother for that trick, and now Sister is more scared than ever. She refuses to go to sleep in the dark, so Mama suggests to keep the light turned on; however, Brother is unable to sleep with the light on, and the Bear family is up all night turning the light on and off!

The next morning, the Bear family is really tired. Papa Bear then comes up with a solution. He takes Sister with him up to the attic and wants to show her something. While there, Papa encourages Sister to not let her imagination run away with her and to try and control it. Papa then gives Sister his old night light he used as a cub. Sister, now not scared, asked Brother how his book ended, and she's disappointed that it was just a hole in the top of the cave. That night, Sister is comfortable with her new night light and teases Brother with a scary face. Brother is now annoyed by her remark, and decides to stop reading mysteries for a while. In January 1, 2017 on the episode of Greeny Phatom Little guy put the TV on can you press the last number on the remote. So he watch oon his Sony TC to put on the book on the iPad and the snowman Sony TV to put on the books on the iPad and the snowman This is always four after dad a Pokémon TV with ice or black and the blue TV in the lounge

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