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Sister bear loves Goldie, but when Goldie dies, what shall the family do?


The book starts out saying that there are different kinds of pets in the world. The last pet was the goldfish. You cant do much with goldfish. You can only watch them swim and show off their beautiful colors. Most kids say they are boring, but Sister does not. She loved Goldie as much as her other pets. She fed Goldie in the morning and in the evening. Goldie often bumped the tank when she saw the food can. When Sister saw Goldie lonely in the tank, she decorated it. One day while Mama Bear was busy cleaning the house while Sister is at school, she finds Goldie dead. Worried, she calls Papa. Papa says that he will buy a new one before Sister comes back. Mama try's to tell Papa that there will be a difference, but Papa runs to the pet store. Over there, Papa chooses a goldfish that looks like Goldie. However, the next morning, Sister notices that the new fish is a fake one. She gets suspicious and starts crying when mama tells her the truth. The whole family makes a grave in remembrance of Goldie. The book ends with the line saying "Sister liked Goldie No.2, but she will never forget Goldie.    


Goldie was mentioned in The Pet Show. It is said that the new fish's name is Swish.

This book was never made into an episode due to the book mentioning death.

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