The Berenstain Bears To the Rescue is a episode of The Berenstain Bears Show. It was adapted as a storybook a year its original airing.


The rescue scouts Brother, Sister and Cousin Freddy try to earn their merit badges. Papa tries to help, but his reckless and clumsy antics make him the one in need of rescuing. Still the scouts earn their badges eventually.


  • Brian Cummings - Papa Bear
  • Ruth Buzzi - Mama Bear, Grizzly Gran, Miss Bearson
  • David Mendenhall - Brother Bear
  • Christina Lange - Sister Bear
  • Cousin Freddy (Josh Rodine)
  • Frank Welker - Professor Actual Factual, Farmer Ben

Watch Episode

The Berenstain Bears To the Rescue11:13

The Berenstain Bears To the Rescue

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