The Berenstain Bears and The Substitute Teacher is the 43rd episode in the Berenstain Bears 1985 series.


Brother, Sister and their classmates at the Bear Country Elementary School discover that they are having a substitute teacher. Before they approach the school, all of them believed they would have an easy day, without any studying and working. When Too-Tall, and the gang set up traps to try to get out of a test given by the substitute, they fall into their own traps and failed their test. The forgiving teacher gives them a break, however, and allows them to take it again the next day.


  • Christina Lange - Sister Bear
  • David Mendenhall - Brother Bear
  • Josh Rodine - Cousin Freddy
  • Ruth Buzzi - Lizzy Bruin and Teacher Jane
  • Zachary Danziger - Too-Tall, Bill Bunny, Benjamin Frog and Firefly
  • Frank Welker - Sailor, Turtle, Smirk, Skuzz and Vinnie

Differences from The book.

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