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Between Brother's baseball, soccer and karate, Sister's gymnastics, art and swimming, Mama's quilting club and PTA and Papa's furniture orders and town council reforestation committee, the Bear Family can hardly squeeze in a visit to Gran and Gramps'. Devising a huge schedule board to try to keep track of who's coming and who's going where and when, they're surprised to discover it's completely filled. They have to cancel a visit from Gramps as they cannot fit anything in. Gramps chalks it up to them being out and about, and good that they are doing things out of the house. However, Gran warns doing is one issue, overdoing something is another story. Ultimately things come to a head as Mama finds herself in a situation where she and the cubs are supposed to be in three places at once. Mama asked its 2:30 Cheese & Crackers. At the same time, the car breaks down...and so does Mama, Mama, Sister & Brother starts to cry because the car didn't start. Realizing that they just have too much pressure, the Bear Family decide to cut down on the number of their activities. Sister elects to cancel all her activities except for ballet, which she shows promise in, and Brother chooses soccer. Later, the Bears are more relaxed as they have more time for themselves and what they truly enjoy, and do spend some times doing nothing.

Differences From the Book

  • In the book, Brother and Sister took selected lessons. In the episode, the family had a cluttered schedule.
  • In the book, Papa was fixing the car, but Mama was in too big of a hurry to get the cubs to practice. In the episode, Mama keeps saying she'll get the car fixed, but she never did.
  • In the cartoon, Brother and Sister were crying with Mama when the car wouldn't start. In the book, they weren't. Sister went with Mama back inside the treehouse while Brother went to find Papa.
  • The book ended with the family visiting Gramps and Gran. In the episode, the family comes up with a better way to organize their schedules.

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