This article is about a book released in 1984. For information about the episode based on this book, see here.
The Berenstain Bears and Too Much TV
Berenstain bears and too much tv cover
Author/s Stan and Jan Berenstain
Publisher Random House
Publication date April 12, 1984
Media type Paperback
Pages 32
ISBN 0394865707

“When the TV is on all day without rest, Mama knows it's too much and Mama knows best.”
Opening quote

Too Much TV is a book by Stan & Jan Berenstain. In this book, Mama tries to teach the cubs about other things to do around the house other than watching TV all the time.

The book was later adapted into episode 8 of The Berenstain Bears.


The book starts off with Brother and Sister Bear come home. They race inside and just sit down to watch TV with Papa Bear.

Publication history

  • 1984, Random House (Paperback)

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