This article is about the 2003 adaption of The Berenstain Bears and Too Much TV. For information about the book it's based on, see here.
Too Much TV
Too Much on TV


January 15, 2003

Written by

Laura Kosterski

Directed by

Scott Glynn & Gary Hust

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The Berenstain Bears and Too Much TV is the eighth episode in season 1 of The Berenstain Bears based on the 1984 book of the same name, which first aired on January 15, 2003. In this episode, Mama puts the family on a TV-free week after she finds out that everyone has been accumulating too much time in front of the TV.


When Mama puts a ban on television for a week, the cubs initially go into hysterics. As the week unfolds, Brother, Sister, and Papa too, find that their interests extend well beyond the television set. They grow to realize just how entertaining the great outdoors and other "simple" pleasures can be.

Differences From the Book

  • In the book, when Brother and sister turn on the TV, mom stops them and says that they have been watching too much TV, and they are grounded for a week. But in the episode, the cubs are fighting on whose turn it is, Mama comes in, and grounds them from watching TV for a week, and turns the TV off. The cubs find other activities to do while the ban is on.
  • In the book, at the end of the Bears' TV-free week, Mama reveals that it's not TV she's against, but the habit of sitting in front of it day and night nonstop. She does not say this in the episode.


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The Berenstain Bears - Too Much TV