The Berenstain Bears and the Cat's Meow is the 40th episode in the Berenstain Bears 1985 series.


Brother and Sister Bear are given the duty to look after Mrs. Honeybear's cat, Puff, while she's away on a trip with her family. Puff's unique meow leads the Berenstain Bears on quest to figure out why cat meow.


  • Brian Cummings - Papa Bear & Mayor Honeypot
  • Ruth Buzzi - Mama Bear & Mrs. Honeypot
  • Christina Lange - Sister Bear
  • David Mendenhall - Brother Bear
  • Josh Rodine - Cousin Freddy
  • Frank Welker - Raffish Ralph, Weasel McGreed, Henchweasels, Snuff, Puff, Sailor, Turtle, Smirk, Skuzz and Vinnie

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