The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room is the 1st episode in the Berenstain Bears 1985 series.


Brother and Sister's room is a mess, and Mama Bear's solution is to throw everything unnecessary out, but Papa Bear stops her, offering a different solution. Brother and Sister Bear learn a proper technique to clean up their rooms efficiently and quickly.


  • Brian Cummings - Papa Bear
  • Ruth Buzzi - Mama Bear
  • David Mendenhall - Brother Bear
  • Christina Lange - Sister Bear


  • Mama does not go on a tirade and begins throwing everything in the cubs' room out.
  • Brother, instead, decides of his own violation to clean the room when the stuff in the closet falls out and crushes his birdhouse.
  • Brother not only has a messy room, but a messy school locker.
  • Brother is the bigger problem in the episode.
  • Sister is not as messy as Brother.

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