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The Berenstain Bears and the Missing Dinosaur Bone is a 1983 television special based on the Berenstain Bears series of children's books, and the twenty-ninth animated production based on the franchise. It was adapted as a storybook a year its original airing.


When a new dinosaur bone is missing at the Bear Museum, the Bear Detectives arrive to help Dr. Bear to search for the dinosaur bone, so it can be enjoyed by the angry visitors.


  • Papa Bear (Brian Cummings)
  • Sister Bear (Christina Lange)
  • Brother Bear (David Mendenhall)
  • Cousin Freddy (Josh Rodine)
  • Snuff (Frank Welker)
  • Professor Actual Factual (Brian Cummings)


  • Lizzy Bruin (Ruth Buzzi)
  • Too-Tall (Zachary Danziger)
  • Bill Bunny (Zachary Danziger)
  • Benjamin Frog (Zachary Danziger)
  • Firefly (Zachary Danziger)
  • Pru (Ruth Buzzi)
  • Sue (Ruth Buzzi)
  • Pam (Ruth Buzzi)
  • Sailor (Frank Welker)
  • Turtle (Frank Welker)
  • Smirk (Frank Welker)
  • Skuzz (Frank Welker)
  • Vinnie (Frank Welker)
  • Honey Bear (Christina Lange)
  • Raffish Ralph (Frank Welker)
  • Weasel McGreed (Frank Welker)
  • Henchweasels (Frank Welker)
  • Mayor Honeypot (Brian Cummings)


  • The cameo appearances of all of the people at the end.
  • This is Snuff's last appearance in this special.

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