Slumber Party
Slumber Party


January 27, 2003

Written By

Dawn Parish


The Slumber Party


At the Giant Mall


Ensured by Sister that she knows the meaning of responsibility, Mama and Papa allow her to go to a sleep over at Lizzy’s house. However Mama and Papa are totally unaware that the Bruins have gone out and left a babysitter in charge. When practically every cub in town shows up at the party it gets so out of hand that when the Bruins return they call all the parents to come and take their cubs home. Although Mama and Papa agree that Sister is partially to blame, they also realize that if they had been a little more responsible themselves, they would have found out about the baby sitter early enough to nip it in the bud.

Differences From the Book

  • The book opened with a brief introduction with the telephone. The episode began with Cousin Freddie calling Brother regarding math problems.
  • In the book, Sister explains to Mama about the slumber party in the living room. In the episode, she explains about the party to her parents while they paint the guest room.
  • In the book, Mama, Papa, and Brother had a quiet evening while Sister was at the slumber party. This scene was omitted from the episode.
  • In the book, several neighbors called the police to file a noise report and when the cubs' parents came to pick their children up, it was mentioned that Lizzy was sent to bed. In the episode, Cyndy yells out "QUIET!" and everything comes to a standstill. Lizzy being sent to bed was removed.
  • In the book, Sister was grounded sent to bed the moment she and Mama got home. In the episode, Mama grounds Sister instead of sending her to bed.

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