The Big Blooper
Big Blooper


Bears For Small Seasons


Family Get-Together


Written by

Brian Lasenby

The Big Blooper is an episode of The Berenstain Bears. In this episode, Sister and Lizzy watch Trouble at Big Bear High and later learn that there are some words they shouldn't say to other people.

The plot is based on the book of the same name.


While visiting her friend's house, Sister watches a video intended for a teenage audience. The movie contains some "colorful" language, which Sister innocently repeats at the Bears' dinner table. After Sister explains where she heard the cuss word, Mama tells her how their language has thousands of words to choose from, by picking words that show she respects the feelings of others, she'll be saying a lot about herself.

Differences From the Book

  • In the book, The (human) dolls were named Christie and Amanda. In the cartoon, they were named Brenda (Lizzy's) and Angela (Sister's).
  • In the book, Sister and Lizzy were using some sarcasm, just as a couple of sarcastic words. In the cartoon, they only used one.
  • Honey didn't appear in the TV episode like how she did in the book.
  • In the book, the story began at the Bear Family's Treehouse where Sister was hanging out in the living room until Lizzy called. In the cartoon, the story began outside where Sister and Lizzy were pushing their dolls in the strollers while going to the park for a picnic until they got rained out.
  • In the book, Sister and Lizzy were using their real voices as the dolls talk. In the cartoon, they were using the dolls' voices.
  • In the book, Sister and Lizzy were playing with more dolls and a House Set.. In the cartoon, they only play with two and the House Set wasn't seen.
  • In the book, Sister says the word to only Brother. In the show, she says it to Brother and Stacy and Milly
  • In the book, Sister knocked down the glass of milk before she says the word. In the show, Brother did it.
  • In the book, the baddest word wasn't revealed. In the show, the word was shown to be "furball," which in real life, isn't a curse word. The word furball is a bad word to bears.

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