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The Birthday Boy

Episode 1, Season 1

The Birthday Boy


6 January 2003 (Monday)


Too Much Junk Food

Written by

Steven Wright

Directed by

Gary Hurst & Kervin Faria



With Mama and Papa too busy setting up Brother’s birthday party, Sister reluctantly decides to do her 'Tell Us About A Family Member' school assignment on Brother. However videotaping him for her project not only allows her to see a side of him she never saw before, it helps her realize just how much her big brother really means to her. Ultimately not only is Sister’s Birthday Boy video an A+ project, it also doubles as Brother’s best birthday gift ever.


  • Papa said for now on "you shoot the home movies" to Sister, however when Brother was opening his gifts Papa was recording instead of Sister
  • Some things on the video only appeared on TV, Sister never said "he's the best brother anyone could ever had in the whole world"

Differences From the Book


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