The Excuse Note
The Excuse Note


January 20, 2003

Written By

Brian Lasenby


Week at Grandma's


The Sitter


Sister sees the upside of having a twisted ankle when she presents the teacher with a note from home, excusing her from the rigors of gym class. She prolongs her convalescence as long as she can, but when Teacher Jane spots her running and playing at recess, her respite from gym class is over. Ultimately, Sister wants to get in shape for the soccer team tryouts and realizes the hard work of gym class will help her become the athlete she hopes to be.

Differences From the Book

  • In the book, the story began where Sister and her classmates were going into school. But in the cartoon, they were having recess at the playground.
  • In the book, Sister twisted her ankle when she stepped off the bus. Although in the cartoon, she stepped on a rock, then fell.

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