The Sitter
The Sitter


January 17, 2003

Written by

Brian Lasenby

Directed by

Gary Hurst & Kervin Faria

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Brother and Sister do some damage in Mrs. Grizzle’s flowerbed while retrieving their baseball. Instead of stepping forward to apologize, the cubs get nervous and run home. As fate would have it, Mama arranges for Mrs. Grizzle to babysit the cubs that very night. Brother and Sister anticipate a very stern talking to, but are surprised by Mrs. Grizzle’s kindhearted manner. 

Differences From the Book

  • In the book, the story began where the Bear Family were hanging outside when Papa got the notice from the mailbox. In the cartoon, the story began where Brother and Sister were playing Baseball.
  • In the book, Mama and Papa came home while Brother and Sister were already asleep. In the cartoon, Brother and Sister were still awake when Mama and Papa came home.

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The Berenstain Bears - The Sitter (1-2)

The Berenstain Bears - The Sitter (1-2)