Stinky Milk Mystery


When Brother and Sister accidentally allow Farmer Ben's cows to get loose from their pen, his farm dog helps herd them back and the cubs decide not to tell Farmer Ben, afraid he won't let them come back for another visit. However when the cows' milk mysteriously turns sour and stinky, after Burt the barn cat had the milk, and the cows are sick, the cubs fear that something must have happened when the cows were loose and that they're responsible. Now they're doubly afraid to tell the truth. Twigging that something is up, Papa casually tells the cubs a story about how he once made things a lot worse when he didn't fess up to something he did. That's enough to help the cubs make the right decision and they race off back to Farmer Ben's and tell him what happened. Farmer Ben is pleased they told the truth and that they've learned their lesson and the cubs are relieved to find that the cows are fine. Their milk only went sour because they must have eaten onion weed when they were out of the pen.

Differences From the Book

  • In the book, the story focuses on the Bear Scouts. In the cartoon, the story just focuses on Brother and Sister.


  • This is the last episode where Michael Cera voices Brother, as Cera left the show because of his voice changing. Michael D' Ascenzo replaced Cera for the rest of the series' run.