Wishing Star


When Mama casually mentions the 'Star light, star bright' principle, Sister takes it to heart and wishes for a certain birthday gift and a better grade on her next math quiz. She gets both. However when the pony she wishes for doesn’t materialize, Papa helps Sister understand that she really got her first two wishes all by herself - her special birthday gift because she’d been so helpful around the house and the better math mark because she studied really hard for the quiz. Bolstered by this, Sister makes her pony wish come true by making a deal with Farmer Ben to help him pick his peas in exchange for being allowed to spend time with his retired farm horse Princess.

Differences From the Book

  • Farmer Ben appears in the cartoon, although in the book, he doesn't appear.
  • In the book, Sister wished for a beautiful pony after seeing one on TV. In the show, she met Farmer Ben's pony which made her wish for one.

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