Too Much Vacation
Too Much Vacation


January 31, 2003

Written by

Peter Sauder


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The Talent Show


From the moment the Bear Family arrives at their mountain cabin, Papa's promise of 'the best vacation ever' begins going down hill like an alpine avalanche. Not only is the cabin a shack, but also the lake has more weeds than the Sargasso Sea and the only thing biting are the mosquitoes. It becomes increasingly difficult for Papa to keep a smile on his face as he slips down muddy slopes, breaks through the bottom of the rotten rowboat and is chased by little forest critters. Ultimately it rains so much, the run off floods them out and carries a sleeping Papa out to the middle of the lake on his mattress. That's the last straw. Papa's best vacation ever has turned out to be the worst vacation ever. It's only when the cubs show Papa the snapshots they've been taking of him and the so called calamities that he finally realizes how much fun they've been having all along because having fun is just a matter of attitude.

Differences From the Book

  • In the book while driving, Papa smelled the mountain air (which was really a skunk). In the cartoon, it never happened. Instead, the Bear Family's car got a flat tire.
  • In the book while driving, the Bear Family were talking away. In the cartoon, they were singing.
  • In the book, the Bear Family were in their swimsuits the next morning. However in the cartoon, they were in their pajamas.
  • In the book, the Bear family take refuge in their cabin when it begins to rain. However in the cartoon after the bear family catch rain drops at night, the rain causes a flood to the cabin and takes a sleeping Papa Bear.

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