Trick or Treat
Trick or Treat


September 24, 2003

Written by

Ben Joseph

Directed by

Scott Glynn & Gary Hurst

Trick or Treat is an episode from The Berenstain Bears, which first aired on September 24, 2003. In this episode, Brother and Sister Bear celebrate Halloween.


The Bear cubs and their friends are going trick-or-treating, but they think that one of the neighbors is a witch! Will they escape with their lives, or will they get over their fears of Widder Jones?


On the week near Halloween, Mama Bear comes home with groceries-candy for trick-or-treaters. Brother and Sister try to surprise Mama by dressing into their costumes, and they manage to do so. Then on Halloween when the cubs make a map of their planned trick or treat route, they reveal about how they believe that Mama's best friend, "Widder Jones", is a spooky, cruel witch. Mama Bear tries to tell them that Widder Jones isn't a witch but fails to convince them.

That night Brother and Sister and their friends Fred (as a pirate), Lizzy Bruin (as a skeleton), and Queenie, (as the wicked queen from "Snow White"), go trick or treating, but just when they leave the curb to their house they meet Too-Tall Grizzly and his gang. They learn that Too-Tall and his gang have only accepted on going trick-or-treating under a mistaken belief that it is more fun and is about playing mean harsh tricks on older people.

The cubs are worried when Too-Tall gives them an invitation to play tricks with them on Widder Jones and just before Too-Tall and his gang can start tricking Widder Jones she hears the commotion and catches them. But instead of scolding them she gives them candy apples for Halloween. The cubs realize that she is kind after all. They thank Widder Jones and head home.

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