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    Sister and Brother Bear woke up and yawned as they walked down the stairs.  Today wasn't a school day, and they were planning to stay home since it was Fall.

    Brother:  If you need us Mama, we'll be in our beds. 

    Sister:  Yeah.  Today's Fall, and Fall is no fun, especially not with Honey around.  All she does is cry all day, and then she needs her diaper changed just the next second.  Yesterday, I even wanted to stay extra at school just so I wouldn't hear her crying.

    Mama seemed displeased with Sister and Brother.

    Mama:  Honey is your little sister, and you will be nice to her.  Besides, she is taking a nap, so she cannot bother you.  And you mustn't go to bed so late.  It is Honey's 12 month birthday.

    Brother and Sister's mouths dropped.  How …

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