Visit the Dentist
Visit the Dentist Title Card


February 4, 2003

Written by

Brian Lasenby


House of Mirrors


Papa's Pizza

Visit the Dentist is an episode of season 1 in The Berenstain Bears, which first aired on February 4, 2003. In this episode, Brother and Sister get loose teeth and think of ways of getting rid of them without Mama and Papa knowing.


When Sister gets her first loose tooth, Brother teases her that the dentist will extract it with a big yanking tool. After Sister watches Brother get a cavity filled, she discovers that her dentist is a very gentle fellow and he assures her that most baby teeth don’t need yanking. They fall out all on their own. 

Differences From the Book

  • Lizzy and Freddie are seen, although in book, they were not seen. The book was published before "The Trouble With Friends" when Lizzy first appeared.
  • The story in the book ended when Sister ran into Mama and Papa's room to show them her shiny new dime. In the cartoon, the episode ended where Sister, Brother and Mama were leaving the Dentist.
  • Dr. Bearson used a little plastic thing to wiggle Sister's tooth in the book, but in the cartoon, he used a white cloth to wiggle it.
  • In the cartoon, Sister and Brother got 2 balloons: A red one and a yellow one. But in the book, they only got 1 red balloon.
  • At the beginning, in the book, when Sister woke up, she felt a loose tooth. In the cartoon, she got out of bed, went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. When she began brushing her teeth, she felt the loose tooth.
  • In the book, Sister and Brother were having special cereal at Breakfast Time. But in the cartoon, they had toast.
  • In the cartoon, the story shows Brother and Freddy coming out of the candy store, and when Brother took a bite of one of the gooey gums, he felt a bad cavity. In the book, the story never showed that part.
  • In the cartoon, Brother was so scared to go to the Dentist because of his cavity. But in the book, he wasn't scared, and he didn't feel bad.
  • In the cartoon, Brother was helping Papa at his workshop, but in the book, it never showed that scene.
  • In the book, Mama appears when Brother was getting his cavity fixed. But in the cartoon, she wasn't seen.
  • In the cartoon, Sister, Brother and Mama were in the waiting room at the Dentist, alought in the book, they weren't in the waiting room.
  • Papa was seen more in the cartoon. He was seen at the end of the book sleeping.

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