A Week at Grandma's
Week at Grandmas


January 21, 2003

Written By

Erika Strobel


The Excuse Note


Double Dare


Mama and Papa plan a vacation. Brother and Sister are readying up for travel, only to be told this an grownups only trip. When asked how come, Papa says he and Mama have planned a second honeymoon, which will try and recreate their honeymoon. Sister asks what that is, so Mama shows her pictures of their first honeymoon, which shows a younger, slimmer Mama and Papa doing activities such as boating, tennis, and enjoying time at a place called Grizzly Mountain Lodge, which they said they stayed at immediately after their wedding, and explains that when a man and woman get married, they often celebrate with a vacation as a "honeymoon" is the rosy, carefree points of the marriage. That point has passed in Mama and Papa's marriage and they have overcome some problems, so now that they have some free time they want to relive that vacation with a second honeymoon. Brother and Sister are interested to see what their parents were like before they were born and now understand, but wonder what they will do when Mama and Papa are away. Papa says he has taken care of that issue and has them stay with his parents. Brother and Sister are certain they’re in for the most boring time of their lives spending an entire week with their grandparents. They love Gramps and Gran, it is just that they are so...old! However, their perception changes in spending time with them. For example, Brother brought along his yo-yo, and Gramps shows that he's good at it as well, able to do tricks such as "walk the dog". Sister is impressed when Gran teaches her how to play the harmonica. Gran also takes the cubs fishing at her favorite fishing hole, and Gramps shows them how to obtain fresh honey from a beehive. Brother and Sister are also amazed by Gramps and Gran going to the square dance and participating, and teaching Brother and Sister how to square dance as well. At the end of the week, when Mama and Papa collect Brother and Sister, the cubs admit that they were wrong about Gramps and Gran. As Brother puts it, "they're really kind of cool", and Sister wants to know when she and Brother can spend another week with Gramps and Gran.

Differences from the Book

  • In the book, Brother and Sister were a little sad after Mama and Papa dropped them off at Gramps's and Gran's house. In the cartoon, they were a little annoyed.
  • In the book, Gramps takes Brother and Sister fishing in a rowboat. In the cartoon, Gran takes them fishing, and they stand at the side of the fishing hole.