White Water Adventure


At a weekend cub camp, Too Tall and the gang make a mess out of everything from pitching their tent to tie-dying t-shirts - all because Too Tall is too self-conscious to ask anyone for help. He professes to know everything to the point where he even decides to compete in a canoe race after Skuzz and Smirk push for it. The day before the race, Too Tall secretly admits to Brother that he has no idea how to paddle a canoe and asks for his help. Brother is more than happy to oblige and gives him a crash course, which not only allows Too Tall to save face the next day at the race, but helps him learn that there's nothing wrong with not knowing something or asking for help.

Differences From the Book

  • In the book, the Too-Tall gang won the race with no tie, and the win was a mystery Brother, Sister, and their friends were trying to solve.
  • Vinnie was present in the book, but not the episode.

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